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RTKFlex is the most flexible and considered GNSS solution in the market today, and here is why.

GNSS systems are typically one of two different processing methodologies, instantaneous RTK or post processed, long-term averaging. Each methodology has its advantages with RTK providing frequent but less accurate updates, typically with ultra-low power usage for minimal field installation. Post processing provides an accurate observation but typically takes 24hrs and requires a greater power consumption, thus more field infrastructure.

RTKFlex combines the best attributes from each methodology, allowing us to reach sub-millimetric results in a matter of hours, dependent upon preferred field installation. In addition to this, Pangea Technology has developed a custom GNSS processing algorithm that is highly tuned to monitoring requirements.

The hardware is 100% constructed of aluminium, to minimise the effects of differential thermal expansion, and environmental process caused by direct sunlight on surfaces. The power and communication solutions are neatly seated on the device ready for field deployment from our warehouse. 

RTK Basic.png
RTK Ad.png

RTKFlex is available in two formats, basic and advanced with basic more suited to for target locations due to its light weight and ease of installation. The advanced model is typically reserved for base locations or areas where the antenna needs to be elevated.

RTKFlex Information Sheet

Click on the link below to download the RTKFlex Information Sheet.

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