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Quikslope 6 is an industry leading analysis package for spatial data in the monitoring market.

Originally designed to isolate the different aspects of field observations and display data in 3D, the application has been expanded to include GeoSensors such as piezometers, flow meters, weather stations, GNSS, crack meters, extensometers and inclinometers.

The Quikslope 6 application is uniquely priced to be viable at all stages of your monitoring project.

Key Features
Time Series.png

Time Series Charts

View all of your sensor data in time series chart format with the ability to constrain via active/inactive, date filter and/or individual or clusters. Choose between many data types including, 2D and 3D movement types, as well as inverse data types. Users also have the ability to draw a line of best fit as they interpret data, which provides a calculated velocity.

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Quikslope 6-2.webp

Step Removal

Steps occur in data series for several reasons. Having the ability to view the data series without erroneous steps is critical in analysing the long-term trend in data as it reveals movement at the real-world scale.

Quikslope allows users to remove steps from data series with a single click, never deleting the underlying data, only removing it from view and allowing the trend to be calculated without the erroneous step. Another click, and you can re-introduce the underlying data at any time.


2D & 3D CAD

Quikslope's CAD package offers both 2D and 3D options for viewing deformation against string data, that is uploaded with the click of a button. Choose from options such as Point Cloud, Arrows, Circles and Direction Lines or 3D Direction Lines to depict movement with options for scaling movement. CAD offers a full editing mode as well as the ability to add legends to the screen for reference.

3D Heat Map.png

3D Heat Maps

The Quikslope 3D Viewer allows users to reference a surface model against their deformation data.

Users have the ability to control thresholds and adjust the area of influence within the presentation in a simple user settings window. Users can also overlay directional information with their heat maps.

3D Surface.png

3D Surfaces

3D Surfaces allows user to import and drape imagery over a 3D surface, to reference deformation monitoring data.

Contact Us

For more information on Quikslope 6 and how we can help your business, contact us via the details below.

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