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About Us

An Industry Leader

The Pangea Technology story began in 1995 when we released the world’s first dedicated prism analysis application, Quikslope. This was shortly followed by the worlds first Automated prism Monitoring application, Autoslope, which was subsequently replicated in different formats by sensor manufacturers in the following years.

In the mid 2000’s we recognised that while we specialise in survey technologies, many of the system and data custodians we deal with are professionally trained in Geological and Engineering pursuits. As such, we introduced system support services to our product offering.

As the industry evolves, so too has Pangea Technology, with our products and services now taking a far more proactive position.

With 80+ years of collective strategic monitoring experience within our business, we have developed hardware and software solutions to manage systematic issues that typically hinder spatial systems in the mining environment.

Executive Team

Industry Professionals

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Managing Director - Clint van der Loon

Clint's professional experience spans three decades in the surveying and monitoring industries with hundreds of monitoring projects credited to his CV. As the Managing Director of the Pangea group of companies, Clint is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, as well as a driving the Research & Development side of the business.

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Marketing Director - Jackie Richmond

Jackie boasts over two decades of diverse marketing experience spanning FMCG, Retail & Hospitality, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Footwear, Publishing, Direct Selling, & Government sectors. Armed with an MBA and qualifications in Marketing, Media & Communications, Jackie has been instrumental in elevating renowned Australian brands like Steel Blue, Thermomix, and ENJO.

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General Manager - Jason Still

With two decades of expertise in deformation monitoring, coupled with a robust background in surveying and GIS, Jason is pivotal in driving Pangea Technology forward. Entrusted with overseeing software development and product innovation, Jason ensures the seamless execution of our business plan.

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Research & Development Manager - Kevin Shackleton

Kevin has been part of the monitoring industry for the past 20 years, after a long stint in the Agricultural sector. With qualifications in surveying, Kevin is responsible for researching and developing the innovative ideas that Pangea Technology pursues. 

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Innovation Manager - John Davis

John has over 25 years of frontline experience in the mining industry and has spent the last twelve years developing advanced systems to improve the operational safety and production efficiency of often dangerous and inhospitable environments, such as open pit mines. John is a qualified Geologist and experienced software developer, particularly in the deformation monitoring market.

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Software Development Team

Our software development team is located across Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, with extensive experience in 3D environments. The development team is responsible for the upkeep of existing software offerings as well as the development of new applications such as AMASIA.

Our Experience Includes:

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