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The GEOPOD is a multi-sensor, geospatial station, equipped with power, communications, and software solutions, that provides sub-millimeter GNSS positional updates to track and control originating coordinates.

Combine several sensors on the GEOPOD to cover a range of strategic monitoring solutions from a single location. Total Stations, Laser Scanners, Weather Stations, Prisms, Photogrammetry, in fact any sensors that require or, benefit from georeferencing, can be easily fitted and powered from the GEOPOD.

Its Aluminium structure was carefully selected to minimise any differential thermal expansion, in order to maximize stability from the tripod base. Deployable in as little as 30 minutes from new,

or 5 minutes when redeploying in the field, the GEOPOD offers the most flexible and reliable solution on the market for hosting spatial sensors.

Combine the GEOPOD with the AMASIA™ data acquisition software, and you have a smart, autonomous monitoring station that can derive its position, and track any movement of the originating coordinates, ensuring ground movement does not transpose into your monitoring analysis.

If moved, the AMASIA™ software will derive the new position, calculate the new target positions and start monitoring automatically.

GEOPOD deep etched_edited.png

Click on the link below to download the GEOPOD Information Sheet.

GEOPOD™ Information Sheet

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