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AMASIA™ Software is a highly advanced data acquisition package that integrates in real time with complimentary technologies from the tactical monitoring space.

Bridging the gap between strategic and tactical monitoring, AMASIA™ provides powerful insights on slope stability analysis and the ability to make informed decisions in the production environment.

AMASIA™ incorporates the learnings of the past 30 years in strategic monitoring and is the latest software offering from Pangea Technology. 

AMASIA™ Information Sheet

Key Features
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AMASIA™ revolutionises surveying with its ground-breaking ability to autonomously orientate a total station. This innovative technology eliminates the need for manual adjustments, streamlining survey processes. AMASIA's self-orientating feature enhances efficiency, accuracy, and reduces human intervention, making it a game-changer in the field of geospatial data collection.

Flexible & Seamless Integration  

AMASIA™ software offers unparalleled flexibility by seamlessly operating on servers or pit-edge devices. Whether you require centralized control or on-site autonomy, AMASIA™ adapts to your needs. This versatility ensures efficient data processing and analysis, empowering users to harness geospatial insights with ease, regardless of their preferred operational setup.

User-Friendly Interface

AMASIA™ software transforms surveying into a user-friendly experience with its wizard-driven interface. Guiding users step-by-step, it simplifies complex processes, making geospatial data collection and analysis accessible to all skill levels. Embrace efficiency and precision effortlessly as AMASIA's intuitive design empowers you to navigate the wizardry of surveying.

On-The-Fly Configuration

AMASIA™ redefines adaptability in surveying with its capability to handle on-the-fly configuration changes. Swiftly adjust settings as conditions evolve, ensuring seamless operation and precise data collection. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness, making AMASIA the ideal choice for dynamic environments where adaptability is paramount.

Automated Step Removal

AMASIA™ excels in data refinement by autonomously detecting environmental or systematic events and seamlessly removing unnecessary steps. This advanced feature ensures the integrity of your geospatial data by eliminating disruptions, allowing for a streamlined and reliable surveying experience in dynamic conditions. Precision and efficiency converge with AMASIA™.

Adjustment Watchdog

AMASIA™ introduces the Adjustment Watchdog, vigilantly monitoring discrepancies between atmospheric and reference distance adjustments. This innovative feature ensures data accuracy by promptly identifying and rectifying divergences, guaranteeing precision in geospatial measurements. Trust AMASIA™ to keep your surveying endeavours on track with its cutting-edge Adjustment Watchdog technology.

Smart Alarming Thresholds

AMASIA™ software pioneers intelligent alarming, continuously assessing data performance against instrument specifications and factoring in atmospheric influences. Its adaptive algorithms calculate succinct alarm thresholds, providing real-time alerts. Rely on AMASIA™ to ensure optimal data quality and operational efficiency through its smart alarming capabilities.

Dynamic Scheduling

AMASIA™ leads with dynamic scheduling, seamlessly integrating complementary technologies to prioritize observations in crucial tactical monitoring zones. This forward-thinking approach optimizes efficiency, enabling a synergistic collaboration of tools for enhanced data collection and strategic decision-making. Elevate your monitoring capabilities with AMASIA's innovative and adaptable dynamic scheduling.

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