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Pangea Technology is the market leader in strategic monitoring technology.

Strategic Monitoring Specialists

Cutting edge technologies for strategic monitoring projects.

Who We Are

About Pangea Technology

Welcome to Pangea Technology, where innovation meets expertise. Pangea Technology has been at the cutting edge of innovation in strategic monitoring since 1995.


With 80+ years of collective knowledge and experience, our explicit understanding of long range, strategic monitoring is what sets us apart from other sensor and system providers.


Being customer-centric, we provide an agnostic approach to the market, and are committed to enhancing performance regardless of existing systems or sensor infrastructure in place on site.

What We Do

Strategic monitoring products

Long term, 3D structural intelligence, forms the basis for several critical considerations in the mining life cycle. Our role is to ensure the accuracy and precision of the 3D data that underpins and drives your decision-making process.


We achieve this through the application of our software and hardware innovation, consulting and support services, and the integration of complementary sensors and technologies.

Our range of products are carefully considered and developed to address a specific needs within the strategic monitoring field. If your 3D data is less than perfect, then we can help you.

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